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Virtual Open Day
05 / 09 / 2020


Welcome aboard the KWAB Dream!  We are dreamers! Let’s come and walk with us!




The start of our Voyage: the History of Kei Wan

(The videos are conducted in Cantonese with Chinese caption.)

Our History Our School Song

The History of Kei Wan Online Quiz





P1 Admission Seminar

  To cultivate our children with positive outlook, philosophy and value view, learning music and practising thinking skills are means being used in our school.

  In this seminar, Principal Wong and our senior teachers introduce the vision and mission of our school, special features of the school curriculum and the admission scheme.  Our parents also share their point of view on school policies and how to prepare your children from different aspects to help them move on to primary school life.




Gen Z: the New Era

  From Gen X to Gen Z, our school undergoes various changes to suit the unique needs of different generations. Welcome to the learning ground where our children’s talents and dreams are being nurtured.


Special Holiday Assignment Language Learning
STEM Education VASE
Parents’ Sharing



Welcome to the World of Vigour! Let’s feel the energy and the enthusiasm inside the dreams of our children!


Overseas Tours Life-wide Learning
House Activities Sports Activities




Travel around the Globe

   Music is universal.  Not only it bridges gaps between cultures and inspires common feelings, but also creates intergeneration bonding.  Let music take us to different parts of the world and travel through time.


Senior Choir


Singapore International Choral Festival 2014 4th European Choir Game & Grand Prix of Nations 2019



Junior Choir


2017 HK Schools Music Festival Prize-winners’ Concert





International Youth Music Festival 2015 Kei Wan Concert Highlights



Senior WindBand


Kei Wan Concert Highlights



Senior String Orchestra


Kei Wan Concert Highlights



Percussion Ensemble


Kei Wan Concert Highlights

    There is nothing more special than seeing children growing to be the best person as they can be.  Walk inside the heart of our children, and free their potential, for this will transform them into the world.





Dedicated by CCC Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay) Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee