Library Section



To promote students’ interest in reading to establish the foundation for self-learning and life-long learning.


To promote students to have a wider world view, to gain more knowledge and to improve their reading abilities through class activities.

3. To meet the different needs of students by reading across the curriculum.
4. To enhance the students’ media and information literacy, so students can effectively look for information and evaluate it.




1. Lessons will be held bi-weekly.
2. Library lessons follow a spiral curriculum to meet the needs of the students. The curriculum includes utilizing the library; and media and information literacy.
3. Utilize various media such as e-books and online resources to increase students’ interest in reading.
4. To strengthen reading across the curriculum to consolidate the use of the students’ knowledge through the use of various reading materials and activities.
5. To develop the students’ values and attitude though the use of various reading materials.