General Studies



  • To provide students with a diverse learning experience that will give them a better understanding of themselves, society, the country and the world
  • To stimulate students’ interest in learning, help them to learn effectively, and apply different generic skills when exploring topics related to science, technology and society
  • To cultivate students ‘positive attitudes and values for healthy personal and social development

School-based Curriculum:

  1. School-based self-directed learning books for General Studies

Objectives: To develop students’ self-directed learning skills through diverse learning modes

  1. STEM and environmental education
  2. Introduce the use of the software ‘Scratch’
  3. Conduct assessments on life skills
  4. Cross-curricular collaboration with English Language to prepare students to study in secondary school
  5. Cross-curricular collaboration with Religious Studies to provide opportunities for students to learn through serving others



  1. mBot STEM trainng course (programming)
  2. Videos about science and technology
  3. Science Week (2 weeks)