Physical Education



  • To help students understand the importance of collaborating with one another in a group
  • To develop the students’ sense of belonging and responsibility within a group
  • To strengthen students’ physical fitness by adding an appropriate amount of  physical training exercises for them to do
  • To increase students’ awareness on how to use sports equipment and keep them in a good condition
  • To improve students’ understanding of sports safety and knowledge of sports
  • To start training courses for the sports teams in school
  • To participate in different sports competitions and events outside school


School-based Curriculum

  1. Diverse learning activities such as training camp and overseas exchange can help  students build self-management skills, communication skills, and broaden their horizons
  2. Include different ball games in the curriculum such as Tchoukball, Korfball, and dodgeball so as to let students learn how to play different sports and discover their strengths
  3. Introduce STEM to the current curriculum in order to foster students’ interest in learning and stimulate self-directed learning