English Language



  • To develop students’ English Language proficiency for study, work and leisure
  • To provide students with opportunities for personal, intellectual and social development
  • To extend students’ knowledge and experience of other cultures through English as the medium of instruction
  • To nurture students’ generic skills and develop positive values and attitudes to prepare them for future challenges


School-based curriculum:

  1. Goal Catcher:

It is a set of school-based teaching and learning materials developed by the school English teachers. It aims to achieve the following goals:

- To increase students’ learning motivation with the help of various media and strategies

- To develop students’ learning autonomy through the practice of self-directed learning skills, such as setting learning goals, reviewing learning performance and self-evaluating learning progress

- To maximise the opportunities for using target language items in meaningful contexts

2. Phonics:

The school-based NETs have specially designed a set of phonics teaching and learning materials for P.1-3 classes to develop students’ phonemic awareness

  1. Reading Programmes:

The reading programmes are conducted by the EDB NET and school-based NETs to develop students’ reading skills through reading aloud, playing games, and speaking and writing activities so that students can become independent readers and creative writers