• To improve students’ ability in listening, speaking, and reading aloud in Putonghua, and also develop their self-learning ability
  • To enhance students’ knowledge in Putonghua and Chinese culture
  • To stimulate students’ interest in learning Putonghua and develop good study habits


School-based Curriculum:

  • School-based materials are designed to teach the phonological structure of Putonghua, enhance students’ knowledge in Putonghua phonetics. The use of pinyin will be introduced to students since primary one.



  1. Participate in the Hong Kong Speech Festival
  2. Putonghua Week (2 weeks)
  3. Inter-class choral speaking competition
  4. Putonghua ambassadors
  5. Lunch activities and language channel (Putonghua) broadcasting
  6. Compete in Putonghua Public Speaking Competition for Primary

  7. Compete in Putonghua Proficiency Test