Information Technology


1. Students can use various information technology tools for learning and to solve problems that they might encounter in everyday life.


2. Students can use different coding tools to train their logical thinking.


3. Students can use information technology with the correct attitude.


School-based Curriculum

1. Information Technology Tools:

Basic skills for tablets and computers; productivity software such as word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software; Google tools; video editing software


2. Coding

Lightbot, Scratch Jr, 3D printing, Micro:bit, applications of artificial intelligence, VR with CoSpaces


3. Information Literacy

Healthy use of electronic devices; intellectual property rights; using information ethically; evaluation of online information


Information Technology Activities

Students at our school actively participate in numerous STEM competitions. For example, the CoolThink@JC competition, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, etc. Our school will also have STEM activity days to promote STEM education.