Diversity Learning
Personal Growth Education


  1. Students will develop positive values by being thankful, grateful, proactive, and optimistic    through learning about themselves and developing self-care skills, problem solving skills, and a positive mindset.
  2. Through topics such as understanding the relationship between the surrounding and you, developing interpersonal communication skills, and participating in service learning, students will develop a sense of belonging at school, learn to respect others, and learn to be sympathetic to others and serve the community.
  3. The teaching content aligns with the V-STAR activities in the VASE programme through including life skills teaching as a part of the curriculum, training students self-care skills and building good living habits.

School-based Curriculum

  1. The curriculum’s design has multiple alignments to reinforce the student’s knowledge in personal growth.

Vertical Alignment:

  • To foster students’ correct value and attitude.
  • To develop students’ positive character and good habits.
  • To develop student’ resilience.
  • To live a fulfilling life.

Horizontal Alignment:

  • To let students understand themselves, others, and the environment.
  • The curriculum is centered around the theme of ‘love’. Students must first learn to love themselves to learn to love others.
  1. The curriculum will use examples from life, stories, videos, and books to help students understand the content.
  2. Students will participate in activities, have discussions, and do self-evaluations to reinforce what they have learnt and develop new experiences.
  3. Activities in Personal Growth Education is diverse and includes life education movies, a poverty experience, a teamwork event, and inter-gender relationships lectures.