Visual Arts


  • To develop students’ perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience
  • To enable students to express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations
  • To develop students’ visual cognition, generic skills and metacognition through art making, appreciation and criticism
  • To broaden students’ perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse cultures
  • To cultivate students’ emotions, personal refinement, morals and sense of commitment towards the nation and the world


School-based Curriculum

  1. Creative arts including painting, printmaking, design, craft, drawing, and art appreciation
  2. Introduce famous artists
  3. Show appreciation and understanding towards Chinese visual arts
  4. Cross-curricular collaboration with different subjects
  5. Introduce musicals
  6. Produce artworks based on the local community


  1. Visit art exhibitions and attend art seminars
  2. Hold art exhibitions at school
  3. Run visual arts group at school