Religious Education



  • To help students understand the Bible.
  • To help students put the Bible into daily practice.
  • To encourage students to pray, learn to be grateful for everything, and to enhance their spiritual development.
  • To encourage students to follow God's way as the purpose of life and the index of life.
  • To encourage students to become disciples of Christ.


School-based Curriculum:

  1. Every student will have one Bible

Objectives: To help students develop a habit of Bible reading and understand the Bible

  1. Intercessory prayer:

Objectives: To encourage students to pray, learn to be grateful for everything, love others like Christ loves us, and to enhance their spiritual development

  1. Cross-curricular activities:

Objectives: Use the nine fruits of Holy Spirit to promote good character traits



  1. For students:
  • Morning prayer and weekly worship
  • Student fellowship
  • Evangelism or celebration at Christmas / Easter
  • Religious week activities (Religious and spiritual book fair, Bible reading, hymns channel, Religious movies)
  • Education and graduation worship
  • Religious broadcasting
  • Gospel Graduation Camp
  • Donate gifts at Thanksgiving
  • Visit the elderly home
  • Join activities organised by other religious organisations (e.g. award scheme for students who do well in religious education, Bible Story Telling Contest and Bible Speech Festival)
  1. For teachers and parents:
  • Parents-teachers prayer group
  • Teacher fellowship
  • Parents seminars and workshops