School Vision and Mission


Our school regards the love of Christ as its driving force and upholds people-oriented belief. We aim to provide quality education and encourage students to reach their full potential. Through sharing the words of the gospel, we cultivate students and inspire them to become good citizens who make meaningful contributions to society and the country.



We closely follow the fine traditions and missions of The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China to run the school and believe that education is a process for personal growth and improvement. Education is not only a tool for imparting subject knowledge, but also a means for cultivating character. We respect and understand that students all have different characters and strengths, so teachers and parents encourage students to set personal and meaningful goals and we prepare students to achieve these goals through love, patience and care. With an emphasis on music and the promotion of independent and analytical thinking, students are empowered to become purposeful and responsible citizens who serve others and improve society.